TECO is managed and operated by volunteers from the following Model RR clubs:
Pikes Peak "N"gineers MRR Club, Pikes Peak Division of the NMRA, PikeMaster Railroaders, Youth In Model RR, Colorado Midland Historic Society, Pueblo Model Railroad Club Association, Slim Rail Colorado Narrow Gauge

Pikes Peak "N"gineers MRR Club (N Scale Modulars)

The club was founded October 13, 1989 for N-scale model railroaders to meet and to foster interest in model railroading. There were 38 charter members, one of which was Ron Theisman, owner of Train Showcase. The club's first location was in the Plaza of the Rockies downtown Colorado Springs.

In December 1992, the club moved to Shops at the Bluffs Shopping Center. While there, the club layout grew to fill about 3000 square feet of space. After three prosperous years there, the club had to leave and go into storage. About a year and a half later, the club found a new location at Jeannine Drive. We had a monthly rental expense, the first in the club's history.

The club has also been located at the Meadowlake Airport out near Falcon, CO. Currently, the club is at 32 S Sierra Madre, in the old Rio Grande Depot, downtown, where we've been since August 2007.

The club attends many shows/swapmeets throughout the year, roughly 8-12 each year. We also have an annual Anniversary Dinner, an annual picnic at Palmer Lake, and two to four club trips each year, including at least one train ride.

  • Meetings 7:00 P.M. 3rd Friday of each month - PPNG clubhouse 32 S. Sierra Madre St., Colorado Springs, CO in the old Rio Grande depot. Anyone is welcome to join us.

  • Board meetings - First Monday of the month, at Big Train Restaurant, near Fillmore & Nevada Ave; Dinner at 6:00pm, meeting at 7:00pm; Anyone is welcome to join us.

  • Business meetings - Third Friday of the month, 7:00pm at the clubhouse; guests are welcome.

  • Mailing address: Pikes Peak 'N'Gineers, PO Box 594, Monument, CO, Phone: 719-550-1780

  • Friday run/work sessions, 7pm - 9 pm

    Pikes Peak Division NMRA

    We have over two centuries of modeling experience! At each meeting we have a short business meeting, a break with refreshments, a how2 clinic or presentation, a drawing for door prizes, and a model contest. Check out the winners in the Milepost Newsletters. We also have a large HO scale modular railroad group. Many of our members are also involved in HOn3 and N scale modular groups.

    Meetings are held at the Sand Creek Police Station, 950 Academy Park Loop, the second Friday of the month at 7:00pm. Come join us. See our website for more information.

    Colorado Midland Chapter NRHS

    Established: 1968.

    The importance of the railroads to the growth and expansion of the United States is a compelling story. We all share a genuine interest in this all-encompassing industry which has woven an iron and steel path across the face of the nation.

    Each NRHS member receives the NATIONAL RAILWAY BULLETIN every other month. With articles, photos and news of railroading past and present, the BULLETIN is recognized as a leading rail historical publication. One issue each year is devoted to documenting the many activities of the local chapters.

    Back in 1935 the founders of the NRHS recognized the need to preserve and promote railroading nationwide. This need still exists - and you can be a part of our efforts.

    Photographing or preserving locomotives... riding or running trains...reading or researching history... there's something for you in the National Railway Historical Society. We invite you to join us in this fascinating and rewarding world of railroading.

    Chapter holds annual banquet, operates excursions (not limited to rail), presents slide/movie/video shows/guest speakers, conducts railroad facility tours, and exchanges newsletters.

    Colorado Midland Chapter NRHS
    PO Box 824
    Colorado Springs CO 80901-0824

    Youth in Model Railroading (Pikes Peak Division YMR)

    Kids Are the Future of Model Railroading Welcome to our most exciting model railroad club just for kids. We've all read a lot these days about how to get young people involved in model railroading. We read it in all of the major model railroading magazines. One article says "Kids are the future of model railroading." Another asked, "How can we get young people involved in this hobby with all of the other things kids can do." A lot of people are talking about it, but how many are actually doing something about it? It's not enough to just talk to kids about model railroading or take them to model train shows; we need to really get them involved and keep them interested in model railroading. Well here is your opportunity, join the Youth In MRR club. Come to the TECO show and see what is going on and how much fun the kids are having.

    Pikemasters Railroad Club of Colorado Springs

    The Pikemasters Railroad Club of Colorado Springs is located in the basement of the City Auditorium, located at 221 East Kiowa, Kiowa and Weber streets, in downtown Colorado Springs. The club, an affiliated NMRA club, meets every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM. New members and visitors are welcome and club members will be present to explain the operation and to answer any questions.. Although the meetings are used to improve and maintain the layout, at least one meeting per month is devoted to operating the railroad. We operate the trains like the prototypical railroads.

    The Pikemasters Railroad Club of Colorado Springs, founded in 1988, currently is the only model railroad club operating a permanent HO layout in Colorado Springs. The club have been in the City Auditorium site since 1996. The PikeMasters layout covers the periods from early steam through modern diesel power. Both standard gauge and narrow gauge trains are modeled. The standard gauge trains are operating on the popular HO model railroad scale. The narrow gauge section operates on the HOn3 scale. This narrow gauge has the prototype track that was common during the late nineteen and early twentieth century Rocky Mountain region. Many of the clubs locomotives are equipped for sound. You hear the steam engines chuff as they begin to move, as well as the chug-chug as the engine reaches running speed. Listen closely you can hear the steam engines whistle and their clanging bells. You hear the diesel locomotives as their engines increase and decrease speed. You hear the air compressors, the clanging bell, and the diesel's horn. You can even hear the engineer open and close the door to the cab, as he is entering or leaving. One third of the layout is DCC standard gauge HO, the other two-thirds is DC.

    The PikeMasters RR Club models a variety of rail-side facilities including roundhouse, turntable, yards, bridges, tunnels, power plant, tannery, meat packing house, icing rack, coal mines, oil well and transfer rack, cement plant, stations, towns, and more. That portion of the center island that held a large circus for many years was removed and we are now adding a large steel mill facility in its place.

    The layout also has a turn of the century mine where you can have a look at a crosssection of the underground operation. There is even a cemetery, where a burial is in progress

    Meets every Thursday evening at 7:00PM. 221 East Kiowa.

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