TECO (TRAINEXPOCO) was established in October 2007 because there was a need to organize local events and swap meets and to consolidate our model railroading resources. There was an urgent need to recruit members into the hobby and promote public awareness of this fine hobby. We needed to make a concerted effort to promote youth model railroading activities and bring in younger people into the hobby.

Roy Thompson was designated as the coordinator of TECO, to obtain support from local clubs and organizations. Support was readily forthcoming as all saw the many advantages of co-operation without interfering with club and organization aims and purposes.

The common thread was to establish at least 3 large swap meets per year, the first was scheduled on September 2008. Making bigger and better swap meets would bring in more table participants, dealers, company sponsored demonstrations, workshops to help the Model Railroading community, and the public. Youth programs will also be initiated to help parents and their children see the value of model railroading as a hobby.

Chairman: Mike Peck (Pikes Peak “N”gineers) 719-550-1780

Vice Chairman: Andy Buco

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: Keith Stump

Youth Programs: Gerry Drewes 719-570-9559

Public Relations: Kristin Phillips

Historian: Tom Van Wormer

Historian Committee: Mel McFarland

Webmaster: Chris Fox

  • Committee Members:

    Jack Sousa (NMRA Pikes Peak Division - Door Prizes) 576-7017


    Howard Smith

    John Denny

    Work Sessions

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